Beautiful world

Anne Vanschothorst (performer)
Beautiful world
Anne Vanschothorst 1974- (harp)
HSM, 2017
1 cd
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About Anne Vanschothorst

Anne Vanschothorst (born 9 July 1974 in Emmen, Drenthe) is a Dutch harpist and composer.

She plays the pedal harp, celtic harp and historical harps as well; an antique Erard harp (double action) and a Schwieso Grosjean (single action).

The Canadian composer Jean Chatillon has dedicated to her a composition for harp solo. Vanschothorst composed her first music piece, "Still Life" at age 15. The composition is originally written for harp and flute and later arranged for harp solo.

Vanschothorst is producing CDs and DVDs for her indy label Harp and Soul Productions. She is also responsible for the compositions and film recordings of these productions. She has been assigned also for composition projects.

The composition "Streetlife" has been selected from many submissions for the 60x60 project in 2006–2007, of composer and musician Robert Voisey.

Several compositions could be heard on (inter)national radio stations and podcasts. Radio Indy …Read more on Wikipedia