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100 jahre Strauss

  • 1. Wals voor orkest, op.354, "Wiener Blut" (Arr.) / Johann Strauß (jr.)
  • 2. Perpetuum mobile, op.257 (Arr.) / Johann Strauß (jr.)
  • 3. Die Tänzerin Fanny Elssler ; Draußen in Sievering (Arr.) / Johann Strauß (jr.)
Polydor, 1999

The Johann Strauss Orchestra on Wikipedia

The Johann Strauss Orchestra was founded by André Rieu in 1987. At the time of its first concert on January 1, 1988, the orchestra consisted of 12 musicians. By 2008 the orchestra had expanded to 43 members and has performed regularly with guest musicians and singers such as Carla Maffioletti, Mirusia Louwerse, Carmen Monarcha and the Platin Tenors. The orchestra is well known for performing classical works with a distinctly unorthodox frivolity, joking with the audience and performin…

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