Practical information


Anyone can join the library.

You simply come to the library with your electronic identity card (eID). You can use your eID as your library card or ask a seperate membership card.

A membership costs 3 euros per year.

Free membership below the age of 18 (-18) and over the age of 60 (60+).



All loans are free of charge. The loan period is 4 weeks (= 28 days).

You can loan up to 10 materials (books, DVDs, Cds, comic books, magazines,..) per card.

You can only renew your loan once for another 4 weeks as long as the material has not been reserved by another member. Reservation costs are 0.50 euros per material. A reservation will be set aside for you for a maximum of 10 days. When the reservation expires, you still owe the reservation costs.

Take good care of the borrowed items. Always return them in time to avoid a fine. If materials are returned too late, a fine will be charged. The fine amounts to 0.50 euro per material and per week (from the first day) to late + costs for sending a notice letter.


Good to know

The library has wifi, you can ask for the code in the reading area (leeszaal).

You can use a computer for free for 1 hour a day in our internet corner with your library membership card.

If the library is not open, please use our return box (mail box). The materials in the box are scanned (and returned) the next day we're open by a staff member.

Everybody is welcome in the library to read the newspaper or a magazine, to study, to read books.... You don't have to be a member for these services.

Any more questions? Please contact the library via e-mail